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I'm a filmmaker currently touring the DIY Feature A Genesis Found around the campuses of colleges and universities across the Southeast. This is the personal account, for better or worse, of its successes and failures.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Book from Wilson Toney!

The tour is virtually wrapped up-- all that remains is for me to put a little bow on it with a final entry on this blog.  Been taking my sweet time on that (though you should expect it sometime next week)-- in the meantime, though, why not do some book reading?

Why, here's a book you could read right now!  Wilson Toney, who I collaborated with on putting together A Genesis Found: The Film Companion (Toney was the novelist who wrote the novelization of the flick) has just released another book-- this time a non-fiction, humorous guide to tertiary education called The Only Thing Lower than a Slave: or How to Succeed in Graduate School Despite Really Trying

A fun read for anyone who's in, has been in, or plans to attend Grad school, from a man who had to get his Masters in a very limited amount of time.  I helped put the book together and it's turned out well.  Just $9.  Check it out on Amazon!

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